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Owner, Pastry Chef, Cocoa Bakery & Bistro

From Fashion to Nobu to Entrepreneur

jessica isaacs bakingA native New Yorker, Jessica received her Bachelors of Science degree in Fashion Design. While at school, Chef Isaacs spent a year abroad studying art at American Intercontinental University (formerly American College in London). Turning her creative eye from fashion to confection, Chef Isaacs climbed the ranks to become head pastry chef of Nobu and Nextdoor Nobu in New York City.
Chef Isaacs began learning her trade with a Degree in Pastry Arts from the Art Institute of New York (formerly New York restaurant School) in 1996, and attended the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners in Asti, Italy.

Later that year, Chef Isaacs started at Nobu as Assistant Pastry Chef.

Two years later, Chef Isaacs was promoted to Pastry Chef and given the responsibility of running Nobu, as well as Nextdoor Nobu, which she was intimately involved in opening. Chef Isaacs, after four years at Nobu, sought to hone her knowledge for Italian cuisine and culture and headed to Italy for an apprenticeship at three-Michelin starred Le Calandre in Padua.

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Upon returning to Manhattan, Chef Isaacs took her experiences to Sushi Samba 7 as Executive Pastry Chef, where she designed a pastry program melding Latin and Asian flavors and techniques.

In 2001, Chef Isaacs was asked to return to Nobu and its sister restaurant as Head Pastry Chef. Chef Isaacs’s work has been featured in Art Culinaire, Cucina Italiana, Pastry Art and Design and she was published most recently in New York Sweets by Alan “Battman” Batt. Jessica’s recipes can also be found in Battman’s The Colors of Dessert and most recently in Battman’s new book Small Things Sweet.

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