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mini red velvet cupcakes

However you like them, Cocoa Bakery can make them. Our cupcake towers are also big crowd pleaser at birthdays and weddings – everyone gets one, no forks, no plates, and who doesn’t love a cupcake?

See some of Cocoa’s cupcake varieties

Cupcake towers come with the tower ($60 non-refundable rental fee, including delivery and set-up) and  decorative ribbons. We can top the tower with a cake or mega-sized cupcake, too.

baby shower cupcake tower

Cocoa bakes cupcakes in four sizes, our standard cupcake, and two sizes smaller, the aptly named “small” and the itsy bitsy one-bite “mini”.  The fourth size is “extra large”.

standard, small and mini (click to enlarge)

Just like our custom cakes, our cupcakes can be decorated with Legos, party hats or whatever you can dream up. Our buttercream colors can be made to match whatever occasion you are planning.  Pricing of standard design cupcakes:  $30/ dozen for standard size, $34/2 dozen small, $36/4 dozen mini. Any kind of special custom design will be priced accordingly.

cigar and scotch cupcake

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